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Choosing Breast Reconstruction

Choosing breast reconstruction  is a choice that not every woman is prepared to make soon after after a diagnosis of breast cancer.
Women opting to have reconstruction need to have a detailed discussion with their surgeons with regard to the risks and benefits of reconstruction. They need to understand that if they are considering reconstruction to maintain their body image that the reconstructed breast will not look exactly like their natural breast.
Women need to know that:

A reconstructed breast will not have the same sensation and feel as the breast it replaces.
Visible incision lines will always be present on the breast, whether …


Breast Thermography is no Substitute for Mammography

Breast thermography is being touted by some health care providers, on their websites, as an alternative to mammography and promoting the fact that there’s no radiation exposure and no painful compression of the breast with thermography.
The rationale behind using the device lies in the belief that breast cancers have increased metabolic activity and will result in higher temperatures compared with the rest of the breast, according to the Society for Breast Imaging, which does not support use of the device.
The FDA has firmly stated that thermography shouldn’t be used as a replacement screen for mammography. “Thermography, which creates an infrared …


Coping With the Changes that Breast Cancer Brings

The biggest change a diagnosis of breast cancer brings is the loss of feeling in control of your life, your body, your future.

All of a sudden we are casting about for ways to feel in control once again. Our fear, our anger, our confusion only compound our feelings of being out of control now that our body has let us down. We are being challenged to find the¬† coping mechanisms that will get us through the anxiety of diagnostic tests to determine the size, location and possible spread of our breast cancer. We need the presence of mind to get …