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Not Your Average Pizza

When it comes to pizza, I think of red sauce, cheese, and savory toppings piled on a flat, circular-shaped dough.  I think of Pizzeria Regina, “a New York slice,” Chicago deep dish, and late night delivery.  The last thing I would imagine is a dessert pizza, but that is exactly what I ate for the first time recently.
Earlier this month, Boston welcomed its newest member to the restaurant and dessert scene, Max Brenner.  The international chain, otherwise known for “chocolate by the bald man,” started in Israel, and its chocolate culture concept arrived to the U.S. in 2006.  I have never visited any of …


Dessert Trends 2011

I always wonder who comes up with the food trends for the year and how accurate the food trends for the previous year were.  It is time we slowly explore this.  I just read that dessert trends for 2011 include:
Artisan/house-made ice cream, Bite-size/mini desserts, Dessert flights/combos, Deconstructed classic desserts and Savory desserts

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