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The Evolution of Dee Dee Ricks Part 4 Breast cancer gave Dee Dee a new job and mission!

A new mission!
The economy took a downhill turn around the same time Dee Dee Ricks was battling breast cancer. Dee Dee is not one to let things get her down.  She does her best when she piles everything on her plate and makes lemonade out of lemons.    Downsizing, rebuilding a business, caring for her sons and a new mission the fight against breast cancer are now a part of Dee Dee’s life.
Dee Dee does much in the fight against breast cancer.  Although fundraising and being a breast cancer advocate is not her full time job (that belongs to running her …


The Evolution of Dee Dee Ricks Part 3: Steve Jobs passing

I spoke to Dee Dee Ricks the day after Steve Jobs lost his courageous battle against cancer.
“Even with all the “milestones” he passed, he could not beat cancer.  He handled his cancer with grace resonating worldwide that cancer knows no socioeconomic boundaries. When you have cancer you never take it for granted no matter how many milestones you pass” Dee Dee told me.
The passing of Steve Jobs did not go unnoticed by Dee Dee’s sons.  His passing weighed on their young minds. As their mother, Dee Dee had to remind them that she was ok.   She was strong, her cancer …


The Evolution of Dee Dee Ricks Part 2: Dee Dee is a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR!

The magnitude of being a breast cancer survivor occurred for the first time in the first week of October 2011 for Dee Dee Ricks when she was giving a speech at Johnson & Johnson. This was quite an experience for Dee Dee.  Up until this point in time, having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and continued her treatments through 2009, Dee Dee considered herself still to be a patient.
Now she was past the point of being a patient and had to deal with the magnitude of being a survivor for the first time.  This was huge! Four years …


The Evolution of Dee Dee Ricks: Part1

Dee Dee Ricks
I called Dee Dee for our phone interview and she asked the first question in regard to my thoughts on the film.  I should have seen this coming since if you saw the documentary Dee Dee is a very take control type person.   I found Dee Dee to be emotional, warm hearted and caring. She told me she has continued to evolve and is not the same woman we last saw in the documentary.
What was my first response to Dee Dee’s question?  Dee Dee’s entrance into the world of fundraising reminded me of my first fundraising event and …


The Education of Dee Dee Ricks, an HBO Documentary

This past September I received an invitation from HBO to attend a screening of their documentary The Education of Dee Dee Ricks. Little did I know that it was a part of the 27th Boston Film Festival at the Stuart Playhouse that my Google alerts seemed not to let me know about!
I definitely recommend you check out the Boston Film Fest which is a week-long event featuring diverse features, documentaries and short films next year.  Many directors and celebrities whose films are being shown come to Boston to be a part of the festivities as well.  I look forward to …