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Dana-Farber Patient Stays Positive Through Metastatic Breast Cancer

At 29 years old, Adriana, 38, of Massachusetts, was diagnosed with metastatic (stage four) breast cancer after noticing a lump in her breast and feeling some “strange symptoms.” Only three months after a move across the country, Adriana was told her best bet would be to move back home for her treatment. “I talked to some doctors down in Florida, and they said to me, ‘You’re not going to get good care down here, if you’re from Massachusetts, go back to Dana-Farber’” said Adriana. “Within a few months, I had moved to Florida, packed up my bags and went back …


Five Tips for Managing Stress During Cancer Treatment

Everyone faces stress from time to time, but a cancer diagnosis can be particularly challenging for both the patient and the family members.
“For many of our patients and survivors, they experience a great deal of stress related to
Eric Zhou
their diagnosis, treatment, or fears of recurrence,” says Eric Zhou, PhD, clinical psychology fellow at Dana-Farber’s Perini Family Survivors’ Center. “But they also have general life stresses on top of that, like family, finances, and work, that don’t go away just because they’re battling cancer.”
Zhou, who leads Dana-Farber’s Survivor Stress Management and Relaxation Training (SMART) workshops, provides some tips on how to …


Zap That

from scientificamerican.com
Today’s gadget is a little outside the kitchen cabinet, but stick with me and you might be happily surprised by this intriguing idea.
We’ve all been victims of a fruit fly infestation. Those pesky little buggers appear out of no where and are a pain in the apple to get rid of.
So many times I’ve boughten a bunch of bananas, and, especially in the humid summer air, they’ve gone brown before I’ve had time to enjoy them. And the minute your fruit surpasses prime ripeness the fruit flies begin to descend.
But thanks to the SE battery operated tennis racket bug zapper, …


Oh My, Pizza Pie!

grilled pizza from chow.com
Summertime means bbq‘s in the back yard every night. So finding new things to throw on the grill is a must, because no matter how tasty the burgers and dogs might be you have to add some variety to the mix.
There are so many things you can grill up for dinner from bbq chicken to swordfish steaks to kabobs of peppers and eggplant. I’ve even heard of grilled watermelon as a substitute for a burger. But one of my favorite things to cook on the grill has to be pizza.
Grilled pizza takes practice. You can’t just do …


Birthday Cake Pops

cake push up pops from nycake.com
It’s my birthday so cake I will eat! In honor of my own big day a cake-gadget had to be in order. Even though turning twenty three isn’t a major milestone like turning twenty one or twenty five, as my father reminded me this morning when he called to wish me a happy day, I still think it’s appropriate to talk about cake today.
I found the cutest little gadget that is perfect for a birthday at any age. Similar to the cake-pop maker that I blogged about many Thursdays ago, the Cake Push Up Tubes …


Sliced Right

When I first came across the Spork, half spoon half fork, I thought it was the coolest invention around.
spork from thinkgeek.com
A spoon with fork-prongs sticking out of the end seemed like an ingenious idea that would eliminate the need for the two separate utensils. But the Spork didn’t make as big of a splash as I thought it would and I really haven’t used one since the last time I ordered a baked potato at Wendy’s about five years ago.
But recently I met the Spork’s little, cooler and edgier sister: the Knork. The Knork looks like a fork, but the edges …


Yummy Yogurt

Soy yogurt from fatfreevegan.com
The latest trend in yogurt has been showing up everywhere over the past few years, from grocery stores to coffee shops, convenient stores and more. At first I was skeptical. The plain, sugar-free flavor of greek style yogurt was boring and bland compared to the fruity flavors of Yoplait‘s apple turnover and boston-cream-pie-delights that I was used to.
But soon enough, greek yogurt worked it’s way into my heart and is now one of my most desired snacks. Chobani is definitely my brand of choice.
Vanilla Chobani
The “fruit on the bottom” makes it all worthwhile with flavors like peach …


Here’s to the 32nd Pan-Mass Challenge!

Almost 5000 cyclists are getting ready to participate in the two day Pan-Mass Challenge on Saturday August 6th to raise money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  We would like to wish all the cyclists a great ride and thank them for helping to raise money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, an institute we believe in strongly and support with our own fundraising efforts Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.
Whether you start your ride in Sturbridge or Wellesley and finish your journey on Sunday, August 7th at one of 5 different finishing lines picking one of 6 different routes ranging from 150 to 190 …


Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers Center for Cancer Genetics and Prevention

Judy Garber, MD
The Center for Cancer Genetics and Prevention (CGP) is on the leading edge of cancer prevention, using the newest and most sophisticated genetic tests to help people assess and manage their risk for developing the disease. But staff members go beyond simply providing test results. They offer patients and their families personal genetic counseling, screening evaluations, and strategies to reduce cancer risk.
“It’s one thing to talk with people about their risk of developing cancer, and it’s another to try to help them deal with it,” says Judy Garber, MD, MPH, director of the center. “We don’t just conduct …


Boston Bakes welcomes The New England Institute of Art to our A Team!

Yesterday I mentioned that we have so much going on behind the scenes with a group of people and their companies who have devoted so much time to our efforts to our cause.  I will tell you more about them as we are they finish up the big, did I say big projects we are working on. The gratitude that I have for these 3 very special people and their companies has gotten us to where we are now and will take us new places in the future.   I have asked so much from these 3 people that I am …