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Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer, how the weeks fly by!

March is already here, the stores are starting to show patio furniture and bathing suits while the snow slowly disappears from my yard.  This is the last month we will be able to take participants for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2011!
So if you are a restaurant, bakery, café or chocolate shop in Massachusetts please sign up today or tomorrow!  The more we have the more we will be able to raise for breast cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  It is a team effort that makes us a success each year and we would like more team members to …


This week, Boston Bakes passed the 200 mark!

What a week in Boston Bakes!  Working on so many projects at once and can’t wait for them to all come together.  But some must remain a secret in the meantime. Many wonderful people have been working to make this happen and when I can share it with you I will.  It is so exciting to be working with many talented people who continue to offer so much of their time and expertise to make this possible for us.  Once I am able to share it, I will introduce you to the people behind my secrets!

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Another week in the world of Boston Bake! Boston Bakes continues to soar!

Move over 160 we now have over 190 restaurants, bakeries and cafes and chocolate shops participating in this year’s Boston Bakes.  Hopefully we are not done adding more participants because I would be disappointed if that was the case! We have records to break!

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