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Livorno, Italy

As a port city and gateway to Tuscany even in early November cruise ships were still visiting the city of Livorno.  Ferries operate daily to Corsica and twice a week you can even take a 19 hour crossing to Palermo if you want! The marina is filled with luxury yachts and sailboats any of which I would be happy to call my own!
For those arriving by cruise ship, most probably visit Pisa and take the 90 minute trip to visit Florence.  After spending two weeks in Livorno, I hope they get to enjoy the Livorno that I got to know, …


Traveling with your Medications

Whether you are in active treatment, or on medications following active treatment, or need medications for health problems unrelated to breast cancer, traveling can be a challenge if you need to go through security checkpoints.
Should you choose to put your prescription medications in the luggage that you check in at the airport or cruise terminal, you risk of being separated from needed medications due to lost luggage.
Delayed delivery of your luggage can sometimes happen on cruise ships due to the sheer volume of luggage to be delivered to ship’s cabins.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests these …