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Allergy-Friendly Brownie Cookies

It’s the best of both worlds! The combination of two of our favorite sweets for one delicious dessert. Who would of thought to mix brownies and cookies together to form a brownie cookie or brookie? These brownie cookies are gluten-free, vegan/plant based, nut-free, soy-free, and refined sugar-free. They are an allergy-friendly treat that everyone can enjoy.
The soft and chocolatey texture of the brownie fits on top of the crunchy and chocolate chip texture of the cookie. Since it’s a brownie layer over a cookie layer, you get a piece of brownie with some cookie in each bite. It’s a win, …


Allergy Friendly Thin Mints

Who doesn’t like a good thin mint cookie? Those Girl Scout cookies that people love to get. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy a classic thin mint cookie due to food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities. Below is a recipe for allergy-friendly thin mints, one that can be enjoyed by many people.
Chocolate and mint complement each other really well. This cookie has a delicious chocolate flavor with a hint of mint. It’s a chocolatey dessert that allows your breath to smell nice because of the mint. When chocolate is mixed with mint, you have a good balance between the chocolate flavor and …