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Cyber Monday

The holiday season is in full gear! The shopping season is shorter this year! Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a Christmas classic aired before Thanksgiving this year! Black Friday has passed and now we are onto Cyber Monday!  If your email boxes are like ours, they are filled with emails from every store imaginable offering better and better deals.
For those who have shopped and only got 40% off and today is 50%, what do you do?  Order again and return the original order?  The dilemmas of Cyber Monday!
Today is the first day back at work for most of us after the …


Butterscotch Brownies

The alluring thing about brownies is their simplicity and decadence.  Classy enough for a dinner party and casual enough for a gift, brownies are one of the more versatile desserts.  While cookies come in different shapes and sizes, brownies can be spicy or bitter, pudgy or crispy, gooey or soft.  It’s all a matter of taste and opinion.  Brownies are so easy to make, that experimenting with the recipe should be encouraged in every cookbook and every box of mix.
Starting with a basic recipe from Baking: From My Home to Yours, I realized I had leftover butterscotch bits, and thought, …


10 Hour Chicken!

My daughter came down with cookbooks with recipes for me to try.   Finally I tried one recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow -my father’s daughter cookbook.  I love this cookbook and am going to get my own copy but more about that at another time!
I have smoked briskets outdoors for countless hours getting up at an unheard of hour to start the process.  When I cook a turkey in my Showtime Rotisserie it does not take more than two to three hours before it is ready.  I was intrigued about how a chicken would taste if I cooked it long and slow …


James Beard Award winner, Marcella Hazen teaches us about Insaporire

Insaporire: “to make tasty…what you do to draw out and develop the flavor of a single or several ingredients.”
This past week, the James Beard Foundation celebrated the legacy of old and new chef’s alike.  All the celebration, James Beard Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award winner Marcella Hazan introduced fresh pure flavors of Italian cooking to Americans. Along with writing six cookbooks with her husband Victor, and teaching numerous cooking classes, she also introduced us to balsamic vinegar along with many others new “tasty” Italian ingredients.
She encouraged me and countless others to re-think how we cooked. What good …


Blueberry Buttermilk Tea Cake a must make!

I love all recipes by Lisa Yockelson and have enjoyed her cookbooks for many, many years! I have many of her cookbooks, some autographed by Lisa and some not, most pages are worn and stained.  So I was thrilled when Lisa’s recipes started to appear in the Boston Globe’s Food Section!  What a treat her recipes are!  Her recipes are warm, homey and are the comfort foods of baking.  I would not expect anything less from any of Lisa’s recipes since her love of baking started when she was a child in her mother’s kitchen just as mine did!

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Fear No More You Can Make a Great CupCake

My love of baking started when I was a child growing up in New York.  My baking was always from scratch and I followed recipes exactly as they were written.  I would go to my mother’s cookbooks and select a recipe usually from her copy of the Settlement Cookbook which I still have!  So when baking a cake, I would never consider making cupcakes from the recipe unless the recipe gave me specific times for how long a cupcake should be baked.  By myself, I could never figure how the specified amount of time for the cake would be different …


Boston Bakes loves CupCakes!

Fast forward to the new cupcake craze where recipes for cupcakes are available on line, cupcake cookbooks and blogs are being written, stores selling just cupcakes are coming to a community near you and yes all the cupcake merchandise available for you to purchase is big business!  Is this cupcake faze here for the long term remains to be seen but it is here now for all of us to enjoy!

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