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Oh My What a Week it Was!

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2013 is now history!  The work has been done, the desserts have been enjoyed! Soon we will be letting you know about Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2014!
Let’s savor the results and efforts of Boston Bakes 2013 for a little while longer!
What a week it was!  Boston Bakes 2013 was dedicated to a very special and kind woman who lost her battle to breast cancer, Anna Guarino at the age of 60.  She gave so much to her family and community and is missed by all who knew her.  She lives in the heart of …


It’s all about Desserts!

Countdown to Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer!  Today is May 2nd!  Time is going fast and before I know it, in 5 days the 13th Annual Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer will be here!  May 7th is around the corner and the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer will be here and run through Sunday, Mother’s Day May 13th at over 270 restaurants, bakeries, on-line bakeries, cafes, supermarkets, ice cream and chocolate shops in over 90 communities in Massachusetts!
Get ready check the list of participants; make your reservations at restaurants and save room for the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Dessert!  …


Thank you CapeCod.com!

CapeCod.com your life, your Cape and yes Boston Bakes!
Thanks CapeCod.com for the nice write up about Boston Bakes and helping us to spread the word about our event.  This year, we had more participants on the Cape than ever before. We are so grateful for the Cape’s support and hope to get more in the years to come!
Why you might ask? For many reasons, the Cape is helping us to raise money for breast cancer research.  Did you know that the Cape has a 20% higher rate of breast cancer over the national average?  So you can see why we, …


Save the Date for Boston Bakes 2012!

The week of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2011 just flew by! So much to catch up on, so many people to thank, so many papers to file, and wonderful stories to tell!
What an incredible week I had! What incredible desserts I enjoyed for breast cancer.  How I wish Boston Bakes was longer than one week so I could enjoy all the desserts at every participating bakery, restaurant, cafe, chocolate shop and on-line bakery.  It is just impossible to do in one week in spite of all my efforts to try.  I just need more time!  I try to visit …


The ABC’s of Boston Bakes!

Acton, Arlington, Belmont, Beverly, Boston, Braintree, Brewster, Bridgewater, Brighton, Brookline, Burlington Cambridge, Centerville, Charlestown, Chestnut Hill, Concord and Cotuit are some of the communities you can start with when planning where you would like to go for this year’s Boston Bakes.
But don’t stop there because then you have to move to the towns and cities starting with D and go all the way down the alphabet to get to cities and towns that begin with W and visit them all! It is a fun journey visiting new restaurants, bakeries, cafes and chocolate shops and going back to your old favorite …


Checking out the Desserts for Boston Bakes so are we!

Time flies!  One day I think I have all the time in the world and the next minute Boston Bakes will start its 12th event in 11 days!  We have over 270 participants in over 100 communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!  We have surpassed the number of participants and the number of communities we are in since Boston Bakes 2010!  We are busy updating our photo gallery and finding out all the dessert details from our participants!  The desserts we are seeing are outstanding!
A big welcome back to all those who have participated in the past and a welcome …


Another Week in the Life of Boston Bakes Comes to an End, Another to begin on Monday!

I have not had time to do much cooking or baking these days. I miss not being able to cook and bake.  Housecleaning these days and getting laundry done is iffy at best. Food shopping, well I am ready to get food delivered because the cabinets are bare. Why?  I have been all consumed with Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.  Working on Boston Bake for Breast Cancer for me is an addiction.

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Another week in the world of Boston Bake! Boston Bakes continues to soar!

Move over 160 we now have over 190 restaurants, bakeries and cafes and chocolate shops participating in this year’s Boston Bakes.  Hopefully we are not done adding more participants because I would be disappointed if that was the case! We have records to break!

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Another Week in the Life of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer

Time goes by so quickly, we are having a hard time keeping up with adding those who are participating in this year’s Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer which is scheduled for May 2-8th to our website. We will get it all done.    By the time we are done adding the new restaurants and bakeries not only in Boston but throughout the suburbs of Massachusetts, we will be over the 160 mark and getting ever so closer to the 200 mark.

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