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Rania Samaha: Mother, Caretaker, Patient

If you read about Dina Sabra’s experience with breast cancer, I’m sure you remember her cousin and caretaker, Rania Samaha. Like Dina, breast cancer has played a huge role in Rania’s life. 
Rania As a Caretaker
Rania, is a caretaker to the maximum extent of the word. As a 9 year old, Rania was giving her diabetic mother diabetes shots and joined her mother in every hospital room her mother has ever been in. As a newlywed, Rania took in her father-in-law and looked after him until he passed of colon cancer 3 years later. As a 33 year old, Rania dropped …


Take a Look

During my weekly research for blog content I often come across sites that are worth taking a look at because of the services or information they are offering. What follows are three such sites:

The HERS Breast Cancer Foundation – established in 1998 with a mission of empowering women affected by breast cancer, supporting their well-being with post-surgical products and educational services, regardless of financial status.
Take a Look…www.hersbreastcancerfoundation.org
The Breast Cancer Society – directly assists families of those diagnosed with breast cancer to help them survive the ordeal. The Breast Cancer Society provides direct financial grants to individuals. Additionally, the organization operates …