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Rania Samaha: Mother, Caretaker, Patient

If you read about Dina Sabra’s experience with breast cancer, I’m sure you remember her cousin and caretaker, Rania Samaha. Like Dina, breast cancer has played a huge role in Rania’s life. 
Rania As a Caretaker
Rania, is a caretaker to the maximum extent of the word. As a 9 year old, Rania was giving her diabetic mother diabetes shots and joined her mother in every hospital room her mother has ever been in. As a newlywed, Rania took in her father-in-law and looked after him until he passed of colon cancer 3 years later. As a 33 year old, Rania dropped …


My Life as a Cancer Caregiver

My wife has often wondered how I managed to get through everything when she was diagnosed with mesothelioma. It was only three months before she was diagnosed that we were in tears of joy because our daughter, Lily, had just been born. It was the most exciting time of our life, but unfortunately that happiness was short-lived. Only three months later, my wife was told that she had mesothelioma, a very rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. We were in total shock upon receiving the diagnosis, and all I could do was sit and wonder how we …