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Breakfast the Sweetest Meal of the Day!

I was going to write today about the wonderful meals that I enjoyed while I was in Italy but I think that will wait for my next blog!  I have so many feelings about the food I enjoyed I truly don’t know where to begin!  Except to say I was incredibly spoiled while I was there!
But let’s start with breakfast first before I talk about lunch and dinner while I was in Italy! It is all about the sweets for me!  You don’t think that it is coincidence that I raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time.   …



As my travels in Italy continue, one of the things I enjoy each time I visit Italy is having something so simple as a cappuccino. Little things make me so happy! During my visit to Livorno, on the Tuscany coast, I try to belly up to the bar each morning for my cappuccino. Here in Italy unlike the states, cappuccino is a morning beverage.
There are so many bars in the neighborhood, in walking distance that I have stopped counting the number of bars. Whereas in the States, every cappuccino is a bit different. Here in Italy,each cappuccino is …