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Identify, Don’t Compare

I don’t remember much about my first breast cancer support group meeting 12 years ago.
What I do remember are the guidelines that one of the two meeting moderators shared,  “Identify with what is being said, don’t compare your cancers, your treatments or your outcomes. If you do, you will feel everything from doubts about you treatment to fears about your future.”
Good advice for 10 frightened women who had recently finished active treatment. For the next ten weeks, in our once weekly meeting, we were to hear that advice at least once a session.
We ranged in age from 40+ to 60 …


Garlic Gone Wild

Is there any such thing as too much garlic? Some would say yes, and I used to be the first to agree. But over the past couple of years I stopped caring about my fresh breath and started indulging in the delicious flavor whenever possible.
garlic from dothegreenthing.com
When I think of my favorite fully garlic-loaded food my mother’s caesar salad is the first thing that comes to mind. Her homemade dressing isn’t creamy like the typical caesar dressing you’re probably used to. Instead, it’s olive oil based with lots of lemon juice and A LOT of fresh garlic. She even tosses …


Help Boston Bakes win the Ellen DeGeneres PinkWell Award!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we at Boston Bakes have been quite busy working on many wonderful projects that have kept us working around the clock.  We have not been able to post much on our blog as we would have liked but hopefully that will change very soon. We miss writing our blogs!
We need your help today, October 12, October 13 and October 14th!  Boston Bakes is in the running for the $25K Ellen DeGeneres PinkWell Award!  We are thrilled to have the chance at this award but can’t do it without your help!
Boston Bakes for Breast …