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Share Your Story: Dina Sabra (Part 1/2)

“In my mind, it was always a matter of, not if but, when,” said Dina Sabra, Canadian-Egyptian breast cancer survivor. With breast cancer making an appearance in her maternal family history for over three consecutive generations, Dina knew breast cancer would be an unwelcome visitor in her life one day; however, she didn’t expect the visit to come so soon. Dina’s grandmother, mother and aunt all battled breast cancer post-menopause, prompting Dina’s shock when her battle came at age 36. 
As a result of her family’s relationship with breast cancer, Dina routinely visited a breast specialist in Dubai, UAE, where she, …


An Interview with Dr. Judy Garber

Dr. Judy Garber | G Force

Q. You’re about to become a key leader of cancer researchers across the country. What got you interested in cancer research in the first place?
A. If you want to change things in medicine — on a one-to-one level — it’s great to take care of patients, but if you really want to make a difference, you [need to] understand fundamentally how things work. [I also found] a question that just wouldn’t leave me alone: I was interested in why people get cancer, and also particularly why some families get cancer.
Q. What are some …