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Busted: Five Myths About Breast Cancer

There’s a broad range of news and information about breast cancer online. That creates wonderful opportunities to learn about prevention, treatment, cures and recurrence. But it also means you may run into confusing misinformation and oversimplifications.
Here are some popular misconceptions:

Most breast cancer is hereditary. While it’s true that a woman’s risk factor for developing breast cancer doubles if a first-degree relative has the disease, this statistic doesn’t tell the whole story.

In the vast majority of cases, breast cancer is not caused by an inherited gene defect (or mutation).
Only 5 to 10 percent of breast cancer is associated with a gene …


Specific Needs Sites

There are those of us who have specific needs over and above the needs we all have for breast cancer information, support and resources.
This post is about some of the breast cancer sites that offer guidance to women with specific needs.
When a woman who has children at home is diagnosed with breast cancer, she has special issues and concerns that women with grown children do not have.
There is a site…breastcancermoms.com that helps women speak to their children, whatever their ages, about breast cancer.
Some women of color often have specific issues around breast cancer such as limited access to screening and …