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Pork Perfection

grilled meat from myrecipes.com
For this years July 4th cookout my Dad decided to make a pork roast. After he marinated the meat for a day, he cooked the pork shoulder for nine long hours on the grill over hickory-smoked wood chips until it reached peak tenderness. Personally, being a vegetarian, pork isn’t my cup of tea. But the process to prepare this dinner was pretty interesting, none the less.
Something that was as time consuming to prepare as that piece of pork should have incredible flavor. Over-cooking it would be a disaster and a huge waste of time.
And so, the importance …


The Evolution of Dee Dee Ricks: Part1

Dee Dee Ricks
I called Dee Dee for our phone interview and she asked the first question in regard to my thoughts on the film.  I should have seen this coming since if you saw the documentary Dee Dee is a very take control type person.   I found Dee Dee to be emotional, warm hearted and caring. She told me she has continued to evolve and is not the same woman we last saw in the documentary.
What was my first response to Dee Dee’s question?  Dee Dee’s entrance into the world of fundraising reminded me of my first fundraising event and …