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Boston Bakes is Here!

All year I work on Boston Bakes and before I know it the event is here!
To go into Roche Brothers, and see their wonderful chocolate chip cookies with our logo on it is a thrill for me.
To past a restaurant and bakery and see our collateral materials on the table is a good feeling!
The week is just starting and I have desserts and pictures to share with you as well as wonderful stories all about Boston Bakes of course!
Yesterday of course I indulged in sweets – strawberry shortcake, low fat, vegan chocolate cake, strawberry Boston Cream Pie, just to name …


Another Week in the Life of Boston Bakes Comes to an End, Another to begin on Monday!

I have not had time to do much cooking or baking these days. I miss not being able to cook and bake.  Housecleaning these days and getting laundry done is iffy at best. Food shopping, well I am ready to get food delivered because the cabinets are bare. Why?  I have been all consumed with Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.  Working on Boston Bake for Breast Cancer for me is an addiction.

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