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A Moment of Silence

At 2:50 PM, there will be a moment of silence for it was at 2:50 PM one week ago during the Boston Marathon that two explosives were detonated killing 3 and injuring over 170 – all innocent people enjoying a beautiful day and tradition that occurs each year on Patriots Day.
It was a day that united our cities and towns in Massachusetts together and continues to unite us. The first responders and those nearby helped those in need without thinking twice. The many agencies worked together to rapidly to capture one of the suspects and killing the other suspect; risking …


335 in 113 in 2013!

Boston is in the process of healing. It will take time.  Strong and united Boston stands.  Listening to Stephen Colbert talk about Boston and who we are, humorous but true! Hearing the national anthem being sung at the Bruin game last night shows our unity and spirit.  
The victims and their families are always in our thoughts.  It is still unimaginable but the strength of the community will unite everyone.  We will be dealing with this for a long time to come.  Next year, the Boston Marathon will be bigger and better than ever. 
Fundraisers have begun to help and of …


A Sad Day for Boston

Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. It also the day of the Boston Marathon where runners from across the world came to run the 117th Boston Marathon.
Yesterday I wrote a blog about the Marathon and the finish line and compared it to our event Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and soon we will be making it to the finish line. I used a photo of the finish line.  I never could image the events of the day that would unfold after I wrote and posted my blog.
It …


Marathon Monday!

Boston comes alive the weekend prior to the start of the Boston Marathon! The energy of the city is felt everywhere.  The long planning of the marathon is done.  The runners have trained long and hard.  They hope the weather will be perfect, not to hot and not to cold.  They hope Heartbreak Hill won’t get the best of them and that they cross the finish line with everyone cheering them.  Along the way on the sides of the road, many people will be waiting to cheer on the runners mile by mile.  It is what we do each Patriot’s …