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Help Bakes for Breast Cancer receive a Globe GRANT for AD Space!

Hi Bakes for Breast Cancer Blog fans!
Checking in with only ONE MONTH to go until Miss Boston 2014 and some really exciting news!
Miss Boston Update:
It has been an incredible road to Miss Boston and I’m so happy Bakes for Breast Cancer has been a part of it. Voting has started for the People’s Choice award. I would forever be thankful for your vote and support. One vote equals one dollar and you can give any amount you’d like. I’m so proud and excited to be representing the organization with my platform at the pageant. I’ve been working hard with the …


Try a No-Bake Cheesecake for your Labor Day Weekend!

When I saw this recipe in the Boston Globe, I was intrigued by the beautiful story of this recipe being made for a father’s summer birthday and how the recipe came from a co-worker of his wife from the University of Connecticut in the 60’s.  The longevity of this recipe says so much!
I was also curious what a no-baked cheesecake would taste like!  The cheesecake I bake has a creamy, smooth texture and a golden finish.  I knew a no-bake dessert would not have that same taste and texture, but would it have a similar taste to be called a …


Here’s to a stress free holiday!

The holiday season starts earlier each year.  We are getting use to the stores being decorated not after Thanksgiving as was the norm but in September.  Fall flies by and before you know it Thanksgiving has come and gone. Then the time between Thanksgiving to Christmas seems to go by just as quickly. Let’s admit it there is a little stress involved with the good holiday good cheer!  There are so many things to do and places to be on top of your normal schedule.  How do you handle it all and still enjoy the holiday season?  I wish I …


March 2 brings us 222 Participants for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer! Another week in Boston Bakes!

It is only 8 am in the morning on March 2; I have not yet read the food sections in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald but have already checked my emails and have many to read, answer and write. I have a long list of calls to make and many things to follow through for many people who need something that I have.  There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done but somehow it all happens. We try to get it all done!

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Noodle Kugel a Sweet Way to Break the Fast!

Noodle kugel or noodle pudding as it is sometimes called may be savory or sweet and is a traditional Jewish side dish served at holiday and Shabbat dinners. In my home a sweet noodle kugel is the kugel of choice and the one most requested or should I say expected!
For years I made a noodle kugel recipe that had cottage cheese, sour cream and cream cheese in it.  It was so good, rich and yes high in calories. But it was a tried and true recipe that never let me down and put a smile on my family’s face each …


Blueberry Buttermilk Tea Cake a must make!

I love all recipes by Lisa Yockelson and have enjoyed her cookbooks for many, many years! I have many of her cookbooks, some autographed by Lisa and some not, most pages are worn and stained.  So I was thrilled when Lisa’s recipes started to appear in the Boston Globe’s Food Section!  What a treat her recipes are!  Her recipes are warm, homey and are the comfort foods of baking.  I would not expect anything less from any of Lisa’s recipes since her love of baking started when she was a child in her mother’s kitchen just as mine did!

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