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Pop Goes The Cake

cake-pops by babycakes
The hottest new trend in cake design puts a spin on the traditional sense of cake itself. At first glance, a cake pop looks nothing like the birthday or wedding cakes we are so used to seeing, and later devouring. But once you taste the cake-on-a-stick there’s no denying the delicious factor.
Similar to Dunkin’ Donuts‘ beloved munchkins, or as they’re more commonly known, donut holes, cake pops are a round, bite-sized sweet served on a stick like a lollypop.
lemon-poppy seed donut holes from myrecipes.com
They are decorative and adorable, and perfect for any kind of celebration whether it be …


Pineapple Perfection

Fruit has always been known as nature’s candy, and for good reason. It’s sweet, juicy and delicious. And we all know the best part is the loads of vitamins that, unfortunately, are not included in the Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Lindor Truffles that filled so many stockings on Christmas morning.
But when 2012 rolls around, and all the New Year resolutions are back in action, you’ll be ready to fill up on the healthy stuff thanks to the amazingly simple Pineapple Slicer from Crate&Barrel. Whole pineapples are decorative and delicious, but many opt for buying the pre-sliced chunks or canned rings to …


Gift A Gadget

Holiday shopping season is well underway, and I know for some of us the most dreaded part of it all is pushing past the bargain hunters only to wait in never-ending lines at the register so we can purchase presents that we’re not even sure our friends and family will actually appreciate.
shop till you drop!
This year, why not forget all that nonsense and look outside the gift box?
The answer: gift a cooking gadget!
One of my most memorable gifts as a child was an Easy Bake Oven when I was about ten years old. The notion that I could make something …


Farewell Summer! How Did You Get Here So Quickly!

It feels as if yesterday was just Memorial Day Weekend and I had the whole summer ahead!  Now here we are at Labor Day Weekend; how did Labor Day get here go quickly?
I wish you all a wonderful safe holiday weekend full of fun and sun!  I would love for you to share with me how you spent this last weekend of summer!
It was a wonderful summer with great weather but wished I had more time at the beach and a better tan.  I had a list of recipes I wanted to try but never got the chance to do …


Behind the scenes at Blue Ginger!

Every year of Boston Bakes, we do a quick photo shoot which is always an enjoyable experience to help kick-off Boston Bakes. This year we went to Blue Ginger in Wellesley to do the photo shoot with the Chef Ming Tsai and his pastry chef extraordinaire Michele Fadden.
Blue Ginger has participated in Boston Bakes for the past 12 years!  I remember speaking with Polly Tsai and asking her to participate in Boston Bakes and she said yes and Blue Ginger has participated ever since.
It is amazing that in all the years since Blue Ginger has been opened, there has only …


Happy Mother’s Day!

Boston Bakes wishes every mother a wonderful Mother’s Day. We hope your day is special and shared with the special people in your life.
For us it it is the last day of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer a week long event where desserts raise money for breast cancer research at over 275 restaurants, bakeries, cafes, chocolate shops and on-line bakeries in over 100 communities in Massachusetts.
Save room for one last dessert or maybe 2 and visit one of our participants! Help us raise money for breast cancer! It is an easy and sweet way to help!
Happy’s Mother’s Day from all …


You will have a treat at Treat Cupcake Bar for Boston Bakes!

I saw a tweet from Treat Cupcake Bar in Needham about how they were trying out recipes for their Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer cupcake and chose a white chocolate raspberry cupcake just for us.  We like tweets like that and then I saw the picture of the cupcake and wished that I was over at Treat Cupcake Bar tasting the cupcakes with them!
I posted the picture on the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Facebook page and it got over 1400 impressions.  I just had to find out more about the white chocolate raspberry cupcake.  I spoke to Adie Sprague, …