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Banana Split Bites

Who doesn’t like a good banana split? A classic banana split has three scoops of ice cream (one each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) served between a split banana. The ice cream is usually served with pineapple sauce, chocolate sauce, and strawberry sauce drizzled onto the ice cream, then crushed nuts (generally peanuts or walnuts), whipped cream, and topped with a maraschino cherry. Who doesn’t want to end their day with a banana split?
This recipe for banana split bites doesn’t have ice cream, but it does have chocolate. Although, you could dip the fruit in some ice cream or …


S’mores Banana Pudding with Alternatives

It’s summer time! The time of the year for s’mores, parties, and good times with family and friends. If you love s’mores and you love banana pudding, then this is the perfect recipe for you. This recipe is also good for anytime of the year when you want some s’mores mixed with some pudding. A mix of chocolate, banana pudding, graham crackers, and marshmallows all combined as one. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s s’mores you can eat with a spoon!
This recipe is not allergy-friendly and is definitely one I can’t eat without substituting some ingredients, so I …



Is it just me, or have smoothies become HUGE lately? I see people posting pictures of them on blogs and Instagram everyday, getting more creative with each one. Green smoothies have gotten really popular, with people adding green vegetables like kale into a traditionally fruit-based drink. Ingredients like egg yolks and coconut oil also add a lot of nutritional value to smoothies. The fun part about making them is that you can add pretty much any ingredient you feel like! You can stick to one type of fruit, or add in eight. Different varieties of yogurt and milk make good …


Zap That

from scientificamerican.com
Today’s gadget is a little outside the kitchen cabinet, but stick with me and you might be happily surprised by this intriguing idea.
We’ve all been victims of a fruit fly infestation. Those pesky little buggers appear out of no where and are a pain in the apple to get rid of.
So many times I’ve boughten a bunch of bananas, and, especially in the humid summer air, they’ve gone brown before I’ve had time to enjoy them. And the minute your fruit surpasses prime ripeness the fruit flies begin to descend.
But thanks to the SE battery operated tennis racket bug zapper, …


Banana Nut Cookies

Recently my niece came over on a Sunday and wanted to bake but she was not in the mood for something chocolaty!  I really did not have much in the house to make and then I remembered we had talked in the past about banana nut bread but we wanted to make cookies. I googled banana nut cookies and found this simple recipe for you guessed it banana nut cookies!

I had everything but the chocolate chips which my niece would bring so I was all set. I took out the ingredients that needed to be at room temperature and by …


Wiggle Room

I always have bananas in the house. I buy them every week and my husband and I are mostly successful in eating them – but I never throw them away. I hate wasting food (or anything, for that matter). So for years, I have been making banana bread with the leftovers, or sometimes banana muffins to bring to work with me for hungry coworkers.
A couple of months ago, I was hanging out with some friends, and my buddy, Jen, brought the most fabulous baked good I have had in a long time: Banana Oatmeal Bars with Chocolate Chunks. Some bites …