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New Hope for the Future of Breast Cancer Treatment

I read an article the other day about a new “Smart Bomb” cancer drug that seems to be helping with advanced breast cancers. It started me thinking about wonderful charities like Boston Bakes that raise so much money for breast cancer research. Even though there is still no cure for breast cancer, researchers learn more every day, treatments improve, and women’s chances of survival increase.
This particular form of treatment doesn’t lead to hair loss or vomiting, like the traditional chemotherapy can. I think that is a great breakthrough, as well as the best part which is increase in the length …


My Mom: Riding in the Sidecar

It’s the greatest week of the year at Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer – the week where restaurants, bakeries and local businesses alike all come together for a great cause and donate their time and money and, of course, their desserts! This wonderful week culminates on Mother’s Day. I will be sure to include some ‘Baked for Breast Cancer’ dessert for my mom this year.
When I think of my cancer treatment as a journey, I picture myself riding a motorcycle with my mom in the sidecar. We are both wearing sunglasses and do’ rags in my imagined fantasy, both our …


Figure-Friendly Recipe: April’s Quinoa Salad

Last week I promised you a recipe. I make this almost every week and I use it as a side dish for lunch or dinner, or as an afternoon snack. Sometimes I even eat a few spoonfuls before bed if I’m really hungry. It makes a mountain and is enough for a crowd. Try is as a substitute for pasta salad at your next BBQ. The salty cheesiness from the feta is my favorite part!
One 12oz box of quinoa (I use Ancient Harvest pre-washed)
½ cup of olive oil
½ cup of pine nuts – toasted
6 oz crumbled feta cheese
One pint grape …


Stressed About Stress

We all know that stress isn’t good for us. But does it contribute to cancer? I wonder this all the time. My breast cancer diagnosis certainly added to my stress level, as did my treatment. Most of us have work, family, and daily life stresses to deal with as well. In my mind, keeping my stress level down keeps my cancer recurrence chances down. There’s no way to know if this actually works, as the studies on stress and cancer risk are inconclusive.
I try not to worry about recurrence and then I find myself worrying that my worry will cause …


MRI Results

No news is good news when it comes to test results. I didn’t hear anything all week and found out yesterday that my MRI was all clear. What a huge relief! I had my appt yesterday with my medical oncologist. She is wonderful and my favorite doctor. It isn’t because she hugs me every time she sees me, though that does help. It’s because I can tell that she cares about what happens to me and she listens to my symptoms, fears, etc. and has intelligent, thoughtful and easy-to-understand answers.
Yesterday she and I talked a lot about a secondary medical …


Fitting In

Fitting in is something most of us have struggled with at one time or another, whether on the school playground, with a new group of friends, or the sales conference at work. My greatest challenge to fit in has been with the breast cancer survivor community.
Being a 28-year old with breast cancer is certainly not the norm, but it’s my norm. When I started going to my appts at Mass General, I was always the youngest patient in the waiting room by a large margin. When my mother would take me to my appts, the nurses mistook her for the …


Not the Ideal Patient

I am a really difficult patient. I have a major fear of IVs and I cringe whenever I see one. My husband changes the channel anytime there’s a needle on TV whether it be on a commercial or one of our favorite shows. I cry when I have to have blood drawn and I freak out at the site of an IV. I’ve been like this my whole adult life, so when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28, part of the horror was knowing how many hours I would be spending at the hospital scared …