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Apple Cider Donuts

If it is fall in New England, it is time for apple picking! If apple picking is not your thing, a visit to an orchard or farm stand will enable you to buy a wide variety of apples!  You can’t forget to enjoy apple cider- hot or cold a wonderful fall treat as well.
But don’t forget to try the apple cider donuts!  I mean try them at everyplace you find them since they are as different as every apple pie you have ever tasted!

One of the best apple cider donuts I had the pleasure of enjoying was at Russell Orchards …


Autumn Apples

from pumpkinfarm.com
October is here, and with it comes the smell of fresh, crisp air, the beautiful colors of changing foliage, and the sound of crows cawing. Pumpkin and apple picking are in full swing for the autumn season. And what better way to sweeten those freshly picked apples then to coat them in candy!
Caramel apples are a traditional fall-time favorite. The sticky sweetness brings back memories of my mother melting caramel in a double-boiler over the stove so that my sister and I could dip our apple slices into the warm, silky candy.
hammacher schlemmer candy apple maker from westpennjournal.com
The Caramel …


I Phone 5 Frenzy!

I know I was in need of an I Phone upgrade!  I have an I Phone 3 and was eligible for an upgrade for quite a while.  I thought after the I Phone 4 came out and listening to the buzz the I Phone 5 was next!  Apple instead introduced the I Phone 4 S.  I was going to wait for the I Phone 5 as long as my I Phone 3 still hung in there for me!

When I got my I Phone 3 everything worked the way it was supposed to!  The I Phone 3 did not have a …


Right-On Ricer

applesauce from babble.com
Have you ever thought about making homemade applesauce? With fresh ground cinnamon and a chunky apple consistency for a grown-up spin on our old friend Mott. Or maybe some delicious gnocchi, with a potato and cheese based chewy texture. And no one says no to fluffy, homemade mashed potatoes.
With today’s gadget you can make all of these tasty treats using the same tool! The OXO Potato Ricer will be your new favorite gadget, with it’s 3 easy-to-use changeable disk settings, ranging from fine to corse.
OXO potato ricer from chefscatalog.com
Simply add your softened potatoes or apples and with the …


Zap That

from scientificamerican.com
Today’s gadget is a little outside the kitchen cabinet, but stick with me and you might be happily surprised by this intriguing idea.
We’ve all been victims of a fruit fly infestation. Those pesky little buggers appear out of no where and are a pain in the apple to get rid of.
So many times I’ve boughten a bunch of bananas, and, especially in the humid summer air, they’ve gone brown before I’ve had time to enjoy them. And the minute your fruit surpasses prime ripeness the fruit flies begin to descend.
But thanks to the SE battery operated tennis racket bug zapper, …


Plane Snacks

I know that in my last post I bragged about where I am, and I’m sorry that I have to do it again but you’ll see why shortly. Currently I am in the glamorous city of Dubai with my best friend. We are visiting her cousins who live here and are having a fabulous time. The weather is great, the sights are stunning and the food is well, truly delicious. I could post 10 things about all the delicious food I have eaten here so far but instead I’m going for a different more available post that everyone can enjoy, …


Crumbs is AMAZING!

I would like to begin by saying that I have never blogged, so bear with me. I recently moved to the DC area from Boston and I am having fun discovering new places to try.  While I was driving to the Apple Store in Clarendon I drove by a cute little bakery called Crumbs. I remembered that my mom had a number of bakeries that she wanted to visit when she was helping us move-in so I called her to see if this was one of them – and it was. Taking her advice – and offer to pay – …