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Summertime is grilling time!

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As much as they say a man is king of his grill, in my house, I am its queen.  Very rarely do I give up control of my grill to anyone. I must admit as much as I love grilling, I only grill in season when the weather is perfect.  I don’t enjoy grilling when it is cold, snowy or in a bad rain storm.  I don’t enjoy it.

I mainly use my gas grill although I do own both a charcoal grill and a smoker. My smoker is so old it may be time for  a new one because maintaining the temperature has become a problem.  But that is a whole other story!

Many and I mean  many years ago the local gas company was selling gas grills and I bought a grill from them. I don’t think I did much research into the grill but I fell in love with it. It was a Broilmaster and one of the things I loved was the grates on the grill were cast iron and it helped me put out fantastic meals.

When the original gas grill  got old, I replaced it with another Broilmaster. My second Broilmaster had the side burner which I hardly used so when I got my third Broilmaster, I did not get the side burner. Why do I love my Broilmaster?  I love the aluminum grill body castings and the cast iron cooking grates. It cleans easily and the cast iron cooking grates are well seasoned after years of use. The igniter is the first to go so I do use a large match to start it which is not a big deal.  Maybe one day I will get it fixed but it doesn’t matter much to me.

Do you want to know the best thing I did when it comes to grilling? I had the gas company extend a line to the grill so now I don’t ever have to worry about propane tanks and running out of propane right in the middle of cooking because I always use to forget to check the tank!


Share with me what your favorite grill is?




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