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While working today in the usual Starbucks office, I’m finding my ears being bombarded with Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This Way, which was just released yesterday. People were encouraged to stop by yesterday between 3pm and 5pm in Gaga-esque attire for a dance party, and to pick up her album as well as one of their delicious offerings. I, unfortunately missed out on these gatherings. After hearing about this event, I felt inclined to inquire with the manager at the Starbucks in the North End if anyone happened to come here yesterday Gaga-ed up, unfortunately this was not one of the locations where Gaga lovers united. He did inform me however, that Starbucks has launched a digital game called SRCH, where people who participate can win some prizes, and some of which are Lady Gaga themed, this event lasts from May 19 until June 7.

QR code for Starbucks SRCH game

Walking back to my “work desk” with my soy Mocha Coconut Frappuccino, I had to be extra careful to not embarrass myself by dancing back to my seat. I can assure that if you stop in to a local Starbucks, you will most definitely be listening to Lady Gaga’s new tunes. Her new dance driven album requires little caffeine to get you moving and keep you motivated, but the caffeine doesn’t hurt. I’ll definitely be downloading this album later, its perfect for cardio at the gym, a playlist of mine that could definitely use this new amped-up kick in the butt.

Did anyone make it to a Starbucks yesterday for this event? And if so please send us any pictures you may have, we would love to post them!!

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