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Yes it is breast cancer awareness month and everything is pink! You can’t not notice pink is the color of October!  Move over fall foliage October’s color is Pink!

For us, breast cancer is a yearlong event. It does not start for us on October 1st and end on October 31st. We work hard all year long to organize Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer in May.  We share as many stories with you on breast cancer as we can all year long.

Yes we love it that the NFL takes on breast cancer in October and is Pink in support.  NFL players do look good in pink!   It is a good color for men to wear to show their support both on and off the field.

We may not have an event right now, your continued support for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is still possible by donating to Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer any time during the year and know you are making a difference in by supporting cutting edge research which we hope will one day help in finding the cure for breast.

Donate today and share our message and help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer which affects so many we know and love.

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