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Imagine my surprise many years ago when out of the blue I get a call from Roche Brothers and Sudbury Farms saying they want to be involved with Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer!  I felt as if I had won the lottery!  All locations of both Sudbury Farms and Roche Brothers in Massachusetts would be involved and selling packages of their chocolate chip cookies with our logo on it!   I felt as if I had arrived!  What a major step for us!

I soon learned that the chocolate chip cookie that I had been feeding my daughter for so many years  had a new recipe so what better way to kick off this new recipe than participate in Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.  It worked for me!

I immediately went over to the Roche Brothers in Wellesley which has a cookie bar and was able to get a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie- the new recipe.  Before I left the parking lot, I ate both of the chocolate chip cookies I had just bought.  The cookies were not the same chocolate chip cookie I had given my daughter.  The new chocolate chip cookie recipe was fantastic!

The first time I saw the cookies mentioned in the weekly Roche Brothers and Sudbury Farms flyer, I was walking on water! The first time I saw the cookies and the Boston Bakes logo in the supermarket, left me speechless!

During the week of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer you will find me at my local Roche Brothers stocking up on packages of chocolate chip cookies.  I hope we will find you at Roche Brothers and Sudbury Farms as well May 2-8th picking up your packages of chocolate chip cookies and helping us raise money for breast cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one chocolate chip cookie at a time!

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