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Have you ever thought about making homemade applesauce? With fresh ground cinnamon and a chunky apple consistency for a grown-up spin on our old friend Mott. Or maybe some delicious gnocchi, with a potato and cheese based chewy texture. And no one says no to fluffy, homemade mashed potatoes.

With today’s gadget you can make all of these tasty treats using the same tool! The OXO Potato Ricer will be your new favorite gadget, with it’s 3 easy-to-use changeable disk settings, ranging from fine to corse.

OXO potato ricer from chefscatalog.com

Simply add your softened potatoes or apples and with the press of a handle you’ll have perfectly shredded results. Shred vegetables to add to soups, sauces or salads. And you can shred fruits such as apples and cranberries to add to baked breads and muffins.

The OXO Potato Ricer is great because it has a lip that rests on the edge of a bowl so you can have more leverage while pressing.

The OXO Potato Ricer is also perfect for making homemade baby food! The fine setting will leave you with baby-soft fluffiness that is super fresh and preservative-free! So get this for your little one or give it as a gift to some one expecting.

It’s available from chefscatalog.com for $29.99 and also available at Williams-sonoma. It’s top-shelf dish-washer safe with stainless steel disks. Watch the video to learn more!

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