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Last weekend, I introduced my friends to 7 Courses of Beef and Fish at Anh Hong, a Vietnamese restaurant located in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. With beef and fish served 7 different ways, this is a unique Vietnamese food experience that is sure to be fun and delicious. Each 7 courses menu can feed 2-3 people for a set price.



Course #1: fish (left) and beef (right) sauteed in vinegar



  1. Sauteed beef or fish in vinegar, served with DIY spring roll ingredients (rice paper, fresh veggies, and vermicelli)
  2. Sauteed beef or fish in butter, served with DIY spring roll ingredients
  3. Beef or fish chilled salad/cole slaw
  4. Skewed pate beef & onions or skewed fish cakes
  5. Beef or fish cakes wrapped in grape leaves
  6. Giant meatball or fried fish ball, served with round shrimp chips
  7. Beef or fish congee (rice porridge)



Courses #3-6: beef or fish salad (right), skewed beef or fish cakes, meatball and fish cake with round shrimp chips (left and center),

Both menus are good, but I prefer the fish version. I definitely appreciate the use of fish with no bones. The sliced beef in courses 1-4 is the same rare eye round meat that’s served in pho (noodle soup). Everything was well marinated and decent portion; spring roll ingredients were fresh. The meal was filling and very affordable too.

If you’re looking for a fun food experience with your group of friends, definitely visit Anh Hong for 7 courses of beef and/or fish!

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