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Red Roses.

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I’d like to introduce you to someone.

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Stumbling around the internet, I found Eva and her story about fighting cystic fibrosis. She created a livejournal account back in 2006. It was originally used for a place to vent, and to talk about the progress of her disease, but soon turned into a place of comfort for Eva; a place where thousands of people commented and supported her along her journey.

As she told her audience she was dying, she still continued her journal with poems, pictures of her infamous red hair, and documented memories for us to share with her. She was granted an award for her outstanding efforts towards Cystic Fibrosis awareness, and even earned her Bachelor’s degree from her hospital bed.

Although she never lived her dream of being an actress, her story and her memory will live on with this journal. I invite you to look at the poetry, the very last words of a young woman losing the battle to CF. As heartbreaking as it is, her words are filled with hope. She never, never lost hope.

Reading entry after entry, Eva has inspired me in a way no words can explain and I hope it moves you just the same.

Eva passed away in March 2010. She was only 26.

Her journal.

Her video blog.

Until next week, love pink (and red). love you.



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