Recent Scan results

When you live with metastatic cancer you live in 3 month spans. Typically every 3 months you have a scan and no matter how good you feel you hold your breath until the results come in. My most recent scans were a month ago and I wish I had better news to send. My cancer has spread to my lungs and liver. We have been on quite a ride since this cancer journey started 5.5 years ago and over 11 treatment programs. That is way too many. I really hate to tell you all this news, I especially hate to tell my 15 year old daughter and my parents. Its fine for me to have to go through this, it is so uncool that my daughter and wife have to go through this. I know all my family and friends go through this with me and will continue to send positive vibes and thoughts. I am by no means going to slow down this fight, we are running out of treatment options. We will continue to explore alternative options as well. I am back on a weekly treatment of chemo. Lets continue to believe and remain hopeful. My goal is to become a healer, Heal myself first and then others. I really appreciate you all and thank you in advance for all your positive energy. Don’t ever give up or waste an opportunity to help someone or say something nice to someone and find the person your really helping is yourself. LIVESTRONG AND ALWAYS BELIEVE I will be at the MBCN conference in September hope to see some of you there in Houston, Texas.

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