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Last Friday, I had my first pop-up restaurant experience at Whisk for a 5-course aphrodisiac tasting. A pop-up restaurant is one that does not have a permanent location. It is often run by young chefs who are learning the start-up business and operate in a private home or facility with a kitchen. Whisk pops up occasionally in bakeries, cafes, and most recently in a soup kitchen, all located in Boston. 


The tasting theme was aphrodisiacs, in honor of Valentine’s Day. Although there was no amuse-bouche to start the meal, the chefs entertained the guests with a scrumptious, house-made white fig and pepita sourdough bread.

1st courseFirst course: Asparagus tartare, avocado mousse, strawberry onion chips, fried quail egg. I have tried steak tartare and tuna tartare before, but never have I tried a vegetable tartare. It was inventive and delicious. The strawberry chips looked like scattered rose petals – a very romantic presentation.


2nd course

Second course: Oysters trio | fried oyster with saffron aioli, horseradish oyster fritter with tomato jam, and raw Island Creek with candy Meyer lemon mignonette. I am a big fan of oysters, raw or cooked. Each one was unique in taste. It was my first time trying an oyster fritter, which was different but enjoyable.


3rd course

Third course: Seared salmon with walnut puree, pickled fennel, and pomegranate foam. I am always fascinated when chefs add a gastronomy aspect to their dishes, i.e. the edible foam on this plate that was tart and fruity.


4th course

Fourth course: Licorice ice cream with pistachio cake crumble and a balsamic reduction. What I love about this dish is all the different textures – liquid sauce, soft cake, creamy ice cream, and a crispy strawberry flake garnish.


5th course

Fifth course: White chocolate semifreddo, mango jam, honey caviar and strawberry paper. This course really showcased the chef’s pastry skills. I learned that the white chocolate molds took 7 hours to make! This final dessert course was a sweet ending to the meal.



In addition, there was cheese and petit fours, which typically accompany a tasting meal in between or at the end of the courses:

  • Cubes of smoked Hudson cow’s milk cheese coated in bitter chocolate, smoked paprika, and smoked salt.
  • Strawberry-glass covered chocolate truffles. I am still amazed with the brilliant concept of strawberry “glass,” similar to the hard caramel surface of crème brûlée.
  • Chambord bon bons. Chocolate is the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift and I’m glad Whisk incorporated this treat on their menu.

I really enjoyed the tasting experience and was impressed with the overall execution. Each dish was flawless, creative, beautifully presented, and delicious. Whisk definitely set a high standard for any pop-ups that I will encounter in the future. I am already looking forward to my next visit!

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