On the Fence about S’mores!

How do you make your s’mores? What is the best way to make them to make the perfect s’more? Is the marshmallow supposed to be browned or burnt?  Is the chocolate supposed to be firm or melted?  Is the graham cracker better warm or at room temperature?

What makes them so popular that supermarkets set up displays with all the fixings in one place?  These are just some of my questions I have regarding the making of the perfect s’more!

Have you tried s’mores cupcakes and brownies? How do they compare with the tried and true s’mores? Is it wrong to try to make a s’more into a cupcake or brownie? Should a s’more be unaltered and pure?

The options are endless and I am trying to find out how I like my s’mores or even if I like s’mores! Maybe I just like all the ingredients separately and not together!  Shocking I know!  After trying them several ways, there is one way of making a s’more that has eluded me and that is at a campfire because maybe it is the wood smoke flavor that makes a s’more a s’more.

Catch my next blog when I tell you about my s’more making experience! In the meantime, tell me what a s’more means to you!

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