Oh My, Pizza Pie!

grilled pizza from chow.com

Summertime means bbq‘s in the back yard every night. So finding new things to throw on the grill is a must, because no matter how tasty the burgers and dogs might be you have to add some variety to the mix.

There are so many things you can grill up for dinner from bbq chicken to swordfish steaks to kabobs of peppers and eggplant. I’ve even heard of grilled watermelon as a substitute for a burger. But one of my favorite things to cook on the grill has to be pizza.

Grilled pizza takes practice. You can’t just do it once and expect perfection. From getting the dough to cook evenly or getting the cheese melted without burning the crust. But once you get the perfect pizza you’ll never want to eat pizza any other way.

So, if you’re going to be grilling pizza all summer long like my family does, you’ll need a serious pizza cutter. The Zyliss Palm-Held Pizza Slicer is perfect for anyone in the family to use. The Zyliss slicer doesn’t have a handle and instead fits in the palm of your hand. This allows you to put more weight on the blade and thus results in the perfect slice.

zyliss palm-held pizza slicer

The blade separates from the case so that you can wash it with ease. The Zyliss Pizza Slicer can be used to slice all kinds of other things from breads to pies and even fruit or veggies for your salad.

Available online from Target for only $11.99 the Zyliss Palm-Held Pizza Slicer is everything you could want from a versatile slicing tool.

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My name's Alanna and I am a senior at Emmanuel College majoring in English Communications. I live in Boston and I have a love for both food and writing.

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