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I am guilty of staying in my own backyard and not going outside the area to explore and have adventures!  Guilty I am!  This summer a mini family reunion took me to the Wequassett Resort in Harwich and let me tell you how much fun I had!  Did I mention how I did not want to leave? In fact you could say I would be very happy moving in and staying!

I can’t say I explored the area all that much but enjoyed the comforts of this very family oriented resort, from the cookies waiting for me upon check in and to the incredible staff who could not do enough for you.  Service is their middle name!  The thought of getting into my car and leaving the property was not in my vocabulary for the days I was there!

Generally I prefer the beach to the pool but I found the pool and the lounge chairs calling my name!  How I wish I had their lounge chairs on my deck! From the towels and variety of suntan lotions waiting for me when I got to the pool, to the water being passed to keep us hydrated, to the Good Humor Ice Cream mini “truck” that came twice a day; the Waquassett thought of it all and then some!

I grew up with the Good Humor Ice Cream truck ringing its bell in the neighborhood but at the Wequassett, someone rang the bell while walking and saying the Good Humor truck was here!  The lines started to form! I felt like a kid again!

Did we venture far during the day?  Not really!   Going to breakfast in the dining room where a magnificent buffet awaited but I chose off the menu instead was how I started each day! Then it was to the pool.  A kayak for a bit was a first for me.  My family sat, talked, enjoyed each other’s company and got some much needed R &R! When it came time for meals, we went less than 20 feet at most and enjoyed fantastic lobster rolls for lunch and a clam bake one of the evenings!  I got exercise by walking the property but there was a gym if you wanted to use it!  I chose not to bring my computer nor did I  look at my iPhone. I was completely computer and device free and enjoyed it.

I learned I should do this more often!  You can have a vacation near where you live and feel like you traveled a long way!

Next time I will tell you about how I did not just one boat trip but two different seal watching adventures!

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