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I thought I’d take today’s post to mention a pair of new gadgets that have made their way into my apartment’s tiny kitchen over the past few weeks and which have really made a huge difference in my daily routine. For those of you who dread the approaching hours of the early morning as much as I do, when your alarm will soon be jolting you from the pleasantry of dreamland and into the real world, then you probably head straight for the coffee pot post stretch-and-yawn.

Due to its growing popularity, you’ve probably heard of the newest craze in coffee, the Keurig. This little device allows you to brew individually sized cups of coffee, ready in only a moments time. ‘K cups’ fit into the Keurig machine and come in all different flavors, and with just the press of a button your perfect cup of coffee begins to brew. Dunkin’ Donuts is now even supplying their own brand of ‘K cups’! The Keurig not only makes coffee in all different blends from ‘Dark Magic’ to ‘hazelnut cream’, but it also has options for mocha, chai and hot chocolate.

Brewing a pot of coffee can be time consuming and often wasteful when you make more then you drink and end up pouring half the pot down the drain. But with the Keurig the risk of brewing too much is eliminated. The cup size may even seem a little small, but it helps to avoid over-caffeinating, and is perfect for a quick cup on the go. The Keurig allows you to have variety with each cup you drink, so you can have a flavor for every day of the week!

If coffee isn’t your main buzz-worthy beverage, then an electric tea kettle may be right up your alley. The first time I came across this nifty little device I had no idea what it was. I was studying in Ireland, where tea is still very much the popular drink of choice and coffee is always on the back burner compared to it’s herbal brother.

cup of tea from wikipedia

Looking similar to a water filter, electric tea kettles are on almost every counter top through Ireland and many other parts of Europe. Simply fill it with the desired amount of water, plug it in, and push the button down. Within a minute or two your water will begin to boil and it will automatically shut itself off when the temperature is hot enough.

electric tea kettle

Candy-cane tea has become my favorite over these past winter months. Flavors of mint and sweet vanilla make the perfect cup of tea for morning, afternoon or night. Herbal, black or green teas all add healthy nutrients to your daily diet. And an electric tea kettle isn’t just helpful for making tea. Boil the water in your tea pot and then add it to a sauce pan on the stove to speed up your pasta-making process.

Quick and easy, both of these gadgets can be used outside of the kitchen. The electric tea pot is great for dorms where you can boil water without the use of a stove. I use my General Electric tea kettle to make oatmeal every morning!

The Keurig Elite Brewing System is available online from for $120. It comes in many varieties to suit your individual needs and is also available from retailers such as Stop and Shop, Best Buy and Walmart.

Electric Kettles are available at all different prices. I found electric kettles online ranging from $70 to $20. Target has a large selection of kettles, with the Chef’s Choice Cordless Electric Kettle coming in at $49.99 and at the top of the list. So stay warm while it’s still cold out and treat yourself with either a Keurig coffee maker or an electric tea kettle this winter!

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