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Moonakis- Oh What a Breakfast!

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When I want to treat myself to something special, I take myself to Moonakis in Waquoit, MA for breakfast.  I love the menu and their specials are fantastic but when it comes down to it I always order the same thing!  I don’t even have to place my order all they have to do is look at me and write down, short stack plain pancakes!

Yes, I am tempted by banana pecan pancakes, cranberry pecan pancakes, blueberry pancakes and in the fall pumpkin nut pancakes.  Yes I have had their wonderful Belgium waffles after all I have been going to Moonakis for years!  The thought of a lobster and asparagus eggs benedict or a lobster, asparagus and swiss cheese omelet are tempting.

But when it comes down to it, I always order a short stack of plain pancakes.  They are my favorite!  The best pancake ever!  I think it is because they use a pancake mix that has malt in it.  I am not 100% sure, but that is my hunch it is all in the mix.

Once I went to have breakfast at a small place in Marston Mills and I felt like I was cheating. I felt guilty. Moonakis is only open for breakfast and lunch and they are open all year.  I have never had lunch at Moonakis because for me it is all about the pancake that plain perfect pancake that keeps calling my name and have yet to be able to duplicate at home.

Moonakis is located at 460 Waquoit Hwy. (Rte. 28), Waquoit, MA Phone: 508/457-9630

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