Our Mission

At Bakes for Breast Cancer, our mission is to fund new research and treatment for breast cancer, one sweet treat at a time. Our restaurant events, bake sales, and cooking classes engage the community in our fight to end breast cancer, while each dessert provides a direct link to life-saving research.

Bringing the mission to life

Every year, our Medical Advisory Board identifies an oncologist with promising new research in breast cancer treatment. With preclinical research funded and completed, our doctors have gone on to receive grants and begin clinical trials, making strides in treatment options.

“Scientists depend on funds raised from donations throughout their communities. For me personally, much of this support has come from Bakes for Breast Cancer.”  

Dr. Shom Goel, 2017-2018 recipient

Bake. Eat. Sponsor. Donate.

The community we create is one to raise awareness for breast cancer, share stories of hope, and inspire those who are living with or affected by breast cancer.