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When people hear the words metastatic breast cancer, A lot of them have no idea what it means. I know we hear a lot of talk about breast cancer in the month of October. Yet very little about male breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer means that cancer has traveled outside of the breast area. It usually spreads to the bones, brain, lung or liver. At this point it is considered stage four, with no cure. It is considered a terminal disease at that point. They are trying to make it a chronic disease. This also means that you be in treatment of the rest of your life. So hopefully that means a long time. You will also getting many more scans on a regular basis. You will also be going to a lot of different treatments, to find the right one that will work for you. People are living longer than they used to, however there is still no cure. This is something we need to correct, way too many people are dying each year. There are still almost 40,000 men and women die each year of breast cancer. Male breast cancer is something that’s hardly ever talked about. There were over 2000 every year get diagnosed, with over 400 dying each year. My goal is to raise awareness of male breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer. These are two areas I think we need to really work on. We must continue this fight of breast cancer of both men and women. I look forward to a day will no longer have to talk about cancer of any kind. Way too many people get diagnosed this horrible disease. So please don’t waste a moment of time, learn to live in the moment and appreciate each day. Peace and love.


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