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Breast Cancer


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No worries, I’m still going strong on all of the pink! (if you were concerned)

I can’t believe it’s about half way through October. The past few days I’ve seen so many people wearing pink ribbons around the city. One person (who was wearing a ribbon himself) on the subway even pointed out my button I have on my bag that says “Think Pink” with the breast cancer ribbon and said how much he liked it.

This week, though, I want to do more of a memorial-type of post. To remember my mom, and to show all of you who I miss and will always love dearly. The collage represents pieces of my life that I got to share with her. From Niagra Falls with my family, to celebrating my very first piano recital (bottom left) and my 1st Communion, these are memories I will keep forever.

I look forward to the day when my own children ask who my mommy is, and I can tell them all kinds of stories of how fun and always spunky (with her own sense of fashion and always-changing-hair-color/style) she was and how I grew up with the best parents in the world.

I still have home movies and pictures to remember her voice, her laugh, the way she dressed. I would do just about anything, though, to give her a phone call, to get another hug and kiss. To just say “Goodnight, I love you” one more time.

For those of you who are able to call, email, text, appreciate it.  Tell her you love her. Take advantage of every day you have with her. As cliche as this all is, it’s true. You never know when everything could change. Love your mom today, not tomorrow, not next week, not later. Today.

Until next week, love pink. love you.



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