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As a port city and gateway to Tuscany even in early November cruise ships were still visiting the city of Livorno.  Ferries operate daily to Corsica and twice a week you can even take a 19 hour crossing to Palermo if you want! The marina is filled with luxury yachts and sailboats any of which I would be happy to call my own!

For those arriving by cruise ship, most probably visit Pisa and take the 90 minute trip to visit Florence.  After spending two weeks in Livorno, I hope they get to enjoy the Livorno that I got to know, enjoyed and hope to go back to visit again!

The sights and sounds of Livorno are beautiful even though Livorno suffered extensive damage from the bombings from the Allies during World War 2.

Many of the attractions are nearby the port and are easily in walking distance. Walking the different sections of Livorno is easy to do!  A drive down the coast along Mediterranean is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon!

What did I see?  Where did I go?  Just by walking around the city without a guide in hand I came upon the Monument of the Four Moors, a statue dedicated to the Grand Duke Ferdinando l’ de’ Medici of Tuscany and is a very important landmark in Livorno near the port.

My walking tour took me to churches, the synagogue and to the Venice section of Livorno where you can find canals and bridges.

A drive down the coast of the clear Mediterranean showed me the beauty of the coastline and was the perfect Kodak moments for me! A stroll down Terrazza Mascagni was an incredible way to spend an afternoon!

More to come on food, bars, markets and living life in Livorno!  I also want to share a website with you if you go to Livorno which will help you shop, eat, drink and be merry!  It is written in Italian but with Google translate, it is in any language you want to read it in! Check out the website La Porta Del Tirreno it will definitely help you with your trip to Livorno!



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