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Winter days are meant for hot chocolate. I don’t mean the packages that you tear open and make with water.  I grew up with hot chocolate always being made with milk and although it might save some calories, I prefer to have my hot chocolate made with milk and good chocolate.

This is the winter where I am going to try different types of hot chocolate.  Mexican hot chocolate is where I am beginning this new journey!  I have never had Mexican hot chocolate but was tempted when I saw Ibarra chocolate in my travels. I did not know what to expect from the Mexican chocolate!  It has a wonderful light chocolate flavor with a touch of cinnamon in the background that I soon realized I could drink all day.

Using my William Sonoma hot chocolate pot, I put the milk in the pot and then in the microwave, after a minute or two, I added the chocolate then back in the microwave for another minute.  Unable to change the batteries in the frother that came with the pot, I took out my hand held immersion blender and right in the hot chocolate pot it went.  It made the best frothy hot chocolate ever just as good as anyplace I ever bought a hot chocolate.  The more I ran the hand held blender, the frothier it got so I kept going until the hot chocolate in the pot had increased in volume.  When I poured the hot chocolate into my mug, the hot chocolate was rich, foamy and oh so good with a mild cinnamon flavor. I am now addicted to Ibarrra hot chocolate and want to make it every day!

Soon it will be time to move onto my next type of chocolate for a new hot chocolate adventure.   But with whatever chocolate I use, I will bring with me my hot chocolate pot and my hand held blender because both helped to make a wonderful hot chocolate!

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