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Andre Roussard
Bakes for Breast Cancer Intern

“With more resources, we can do a lot more!”


In the old days, interns were merely seen as coffee fetchers. They were given minimal responsibility and were made to work without guidance or leadership. They weren’t seen as professionals and were forced to do jobs that had nothing to do with their skill set or career aspirations. In today’s world, our generation has higher expectations of their internships. These young individuals are ready for a challenge, eager to learn, and willing to do a lot more.

The purpose of our Intern Spotlight Series is to not only to highlight the diverse pool of interns who currently work at Bakes for Breast Cancer but to also demonstrate just how much their actions have benefitted our organization and made it what it is today. In this article, we will spotlight Andre Roussard, who started out as a Market Research Intern but has since transitioned into a Business Development Intern.  

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Andre has always been a talented young man with high aspirations. Upon graduating high school, he decided to continue his education at the College of San Mateo in the Foster City area. While studying there, he developed an interest in photography which helped him get accepted into Boston University (BU), where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in economics. 

During his first few years at BU, Andre joined the Islamic Society and became a member of the Boston University Consulting Group (BUCG) for two years. Being a part of BUCG went well for him, as he was able to get real-world experience working with a couple of companies. With consulting, he loved how he was able to tackle problems within the company to enhance their position in the business world. It wasn’t until later that he decided to pivot from his initial interest in consulting to seek new experiences. 

While looking for other opportunities, he stumbled upon a Bakes for Breast Cancer job posting for a Market Research Intern position. This internship entailed helping the organization expand into new markets in the New England region. He felt that this internship was a good fit for him since his previous role as a consultant required him to be a well-rounded individual who could provide strategic recommendations to companies. 

With a background in consulting, Andre quickly picked up on what was happening in the New England area. He gave B4BC precise recommendations that would produce tangible results. His first project was looking into how B4BC was being perceived by participants in the areas we already had events in. Later, he began to look into how we could expand the organization into new markets. With Andre’s recommendations and the help of Carol Sneider, our founder/president, we were able to successfully implement a rebranding strategy and take our organization to the next level. 

After graduating from BU, Andre hopes to one day be able to help local artists in his community by being able to provide studio resources for up-and-coming artists to showcase their skills. In his free time, you can catch Andre taking pictures and enjoying the views of the Bay Area while riding his bike, listening to music or enjoying his favorite dessert, madeleine cookies.  

Since he will be in Massachusetts this fall, maybe this is the year he will be able to go to one of our participating establishments to enjoy a dessert and contribute to breast cancer research. If he wants to indulge in his favorite dessert, he’ll have to make his way to the Cape & Islands this coming August to visit Pain D’Avignon Cafe Boulangerie in Hyannis, where they will be making his favorite madeleine cookies.

With the help of interns like Andre Roussard, Bakes for Breast Cancer has expanded its reach across multiple states and raised more money for breast cancer research. Andre’s story is proof that interns can do a lot more to help companies flourish. We are proud of what he has accomplished in our organization and cannot wait to see what’s next.

To support Bakes for Breast Cancer, a nonprofit breast cancer organization, please visit our website to volunteer and/or donate. You can also participate in one of our annual charity events by registering your establishment here


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