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Spring has sprung and winter is hopefully in hibernation until next year. But the warmer weather means we’re all in need of a refreshing cool-down to beat the heat. Today’s gadget is perfect for summer, or early spring, gatherings. Everyone can appreciate an ice cold beverage while basking in the summer sun, so this gadget is a must-get.

Ice Balls, made by Prepara, are perfect when entertaining friends and family. Standard ice-cube trays are so 2011. The same-old square cubes are boring and out-dated. Prepara’s Ice Balls can spice up any beverage from your usual morning O.J. to an after work Cosmo.

All you have to do is fill the plastic balls with water, stick ’em in the freezer and in an hour or so you have perfectly rounded ice. The best part? You can spice up your ice by adding crushed berries or fresh mint leaves from your garden. And once the ice melts away you’re left with a delicious, flavor-filled concoction.

Even add lemon or lime juice to your ice balls and as they melt they’ll add the perfect splash of flavor.

So before your next cocktail party, kids birthday or family cookout log onto and get the coolest ice ballers for under eight dollars!


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