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Was your Easter filled with chocolate eggs, bunnies, and peeps too?  A visit to Walgreens or CVS and all you see are chocolates for Easter and of course multi-colored peeps!  I had trouble finding chocolate covered peeps when clerks at CVS told me they don’t make them.  Yes they do and eventually I found them!  Persistence paid off or I should say my daughter saved the day by finding them for me.

Watching the Today Show, I saw a segment on cleaver decorating ideas using Peeps!  Of course how can you forget Dane Cook showing us how many peeps he can put in his mouth at one time! A You Tube classic!

It seems that many families’ Easter traditions center around chocolate.  What are your favorite childhood memories of Easter and chocolate?  Do you prefer chocolate eggs or chocolate bunnies? Filled eggs or solid chocolate eggs?  So many choices of chocolate to enjoy and you know how we love our chocolate!

We can’t forget our Peeps! Peeps have a strong following as well and can be used in so many different ways!

We hope you had a wonderful Easter and had your fair share if not more of your favorite Easter chocolates and Peeps.

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