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Hot Dogs! Celebrating National Hot Dog Month!

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You might go to a mall and feel like you are home since the stores are mostly the same and malls are no longer as unique with local flavor as they once were, but food is different!  Each location we visit brings its own flavor from restaurants to supermarkets! Visit a local supermarket and you will find brands you never heard of! Try a hot dog stand in Boston and it won’t be the same as if you were in Chicago or New York!

This past Sunday, the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine section had an article called Top Dog, which frank is best?  We were on the same page because this week I was going to wrap up my blog on hot dogs talking about my favorite hot dogs and how locally we each can find hot dog brands unique to each state.

The winner in the Top Dog article is Bar 5 Beef Jumbo franks sold at Foodmaster with Niman Ranch Fearless Uncured Beef Franks as a runner-up; both I must admit I have never tried.   It did mention some of my favorites but I guess the magazine staff does not have the same taste as I do or as you might.

Coming from New York, Sabrett hot dogs were always a favorite and found on many hot dog stands in the city.  Hebrew National, Nathan’s are hot dogs I grew up on and still enjoy.  When I came to Boston I discovered Pearl Hot Dogs, found in the deli case or packaged so you don’t have to wait on the deli line.  Pearl hot dogs are huge and way too big for the average hot dog roll!  When a Pearl Hot Dog is grilled, there is nothing better.

We can’t forget going to a baseball game and having a hot dog! You can’t go to a Red Sox game and not having a Fenway Frank!  Fenway Franks are our tradition and a mighty fine one at that!  Just as a BBQ would not be the same without hot dogs. Some things are just meant to go together!

Now that we know what the Boston Globe likes in a hot dog and what I like.  I would like you to consider a wiener! What is a wiener? A hot dog of course! One of the best I have tried is Nueske’s smoke wieners which is a combination of beef and pork and applewood smoked for 24 hours.  The best way to get the Nueske Wiener is through their catalog but it is worth ordering. You won’t be disappointed and it is always fun trying something new!

So please tell me what your favorite hot dogs are!  We would love to hear from you!


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