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Here’s to a stress free holiday!

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The holiday season starts earlier each year.  We are getting use to the stores being decorated not after Thanksgiving as was the norm but in September.  Fall flies by and before you know it Thanksgiving has come and gone. Then the time between Thanksgiving to Christmas seems to go by just as quickly. Let’s admit it there is a little stress involved with the good holiday good cheer!  There are so many things to do and places to be on top of your normal schedule.  How do you handle it all and still enjoy the holiday season?  I wish I had the answer to help make the holidays a bit less stressful but I don’t have the magic answer.

Did you get a chance to read How to avoid 9 Holiday Pitfalls in the Boston Globe the other day?   You should check the article out! It is a guide to overcoming some of the challenges of December.  Yes there are many challenges!  The cooking, the baking, the parties, the shopping, and the decorating are just some of the things on the list of things to do.  Are there truly enough hours in the day to get everything done without stress?

The only way I figured it could be done is to lay low and pick and choose the important things that you have to do.  But if you choose to try to do it all, remember after the holidays are over the rest of winter goes slow – time stands still slow.  Time no longer flies by and you have time after the holidays to rest and recuperate.   Spring won’t be here for a while!

I wish you good cheer and a stress free holiday!


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