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Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer loves any holiday that involves going to restaurants for a special dinner or cooking something special at home for that special someone(s).  It is our type of holiday filled with love and good food!

While my e-mail box has been filled with tempting emails from our Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer participants sharing and tempting me with their wonderful menu, course after course of delicious food and yes desserts, too!  I have made no plans. I have been so busy working that time has gotten away from me.

I have not had time to think about what I am going to do! Will I cook something at home, which I have not done much of lately or will I take a break and go out?  Maybe take-in would be a good choice?

Candy!  The thought of being able to indulge on chocolate is a dream comes true!  It’s better than Halloween candy for sure that nice little heart filled with chocolate!

I have not even gotten anyone any cards yet.  If I am cooking, I don’t even know what I am making.  It is so unlike me!  I guess having no game plan will be a new experience for me!  I will be spontaneous!

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love, good food, company and of course dessert!

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