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So before I start cooking and get too busy to write a blog before the holiday begins, I want just want to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!

As for me, I have much to be thankful for beside my family, friends and my dogs! Oh yes and good health!

I am grateful to all on our Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Facebook page who “like” us and my Facebook Friends!  May you share us with your friends so they become ours!

I am grateful to all who follow us on Twitter and my Twitter friends! May more follow us on Twitter!

I am grateful to those who read my blog!  It is a work in progress but is coming along nicely. Invite your friends to visit our blog by going to

I am grateful to those who participate in Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and to those who go out and enjoy the wonderful desserts whose proceeds go for breast cancer research!

I am grateful to the support of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and to the Doctors that do so much to fight breast cancer everyday with the hopes of finding a cure!

I am grateful that we broke Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer’s 2009 record and this year raised over $70,000!

I am grateful to all of my partners, volunteers and the wonderful people I meet who so believe in what I do and  give so much to help me grow to make my dreams a reality! You are my backbone making me stronger and with your help there is nothing I won’t be able to do!

Thank you to all! You all know who you are!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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