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Happy Holidays – Male Breast Cancer Survivors

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Happy holiday season. I really hope people are able to enjoy and really appreciate the holidays and cherish them. I know a lot of people with terminal cancer sometimes struggle through the holidays. I think a lot of them may think it’s their last one. The bottom line is no one really knows. I really hope each of us can focus on the all the good of Christmas and not just the present. I really enjoy all the good energy of Christmas, all the lights and decorations. My ultimate present would be to see everyone enjoying the holidays, not matter which one you celebrate. I wish for all the stress that some people put on themselves that they are able to get the true meaning of Christmas. To be surrounded by family and friends enjoying each other’s company. For this holiday do not be burned by negativity, but focus on staying in the moment of calm loving energy.

I would like you know of two new endeavors. First there is male breast cancer networking group starting on January 22 at noon via telephone. It will be the 4th Tuesday of each month, and you will need to register with Liz at 617 632 5606.

There is also a new male breast cancer website located at DFCI

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